The Spoon Farm is said to be located in Illinois
near the alleged stomping grounds of the infamous
"cat-eating devil children". It is here that the annual
aural rites of the secret society known only as "the spoon" took place in a secret underground temple.

The Empire of The Moles 3.9mb
Abducted children are genetically mutated into mole people by evil government agencies. What will we do when the moles rise from their underground domain to take over the world?
Apostle Nepune 4.6mb
"Apostle Neptune and his crazy, insane, dead sailors haunt the bottom of the sea..."
The Rat or Possum Blues 4.4mb
Is it a rat or is it a possum?
The Elephant and The Flea 5.6mb
A tragic tale of forbidden love.

Classics from the Spoon Farm archives (audio quality varies)
Elmo 5.6mb
A song about a dog who pees when you pet him...
Tick Farmer 7.1mb
The evil Tick Farmer's split personality leads to nefarious ends.
The Space Cow trilogy (part 1) 3.0mb
Barry the space cow is called upon to save his home planet of Bovine from the evil carnivore farmers.
The Space Cow trilogy (part 2) 2.2mb
The soliloquy of the space cow.
The Space Cow trilogy (part 3) 1.4mb
The final battle between Barry and Mugplatz.

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