On March 26th, 2003 i was browsing the New York Times online when i came across an article about a free online record label being created by Thurston Moore and Chris Habib called "Protest Records". The premise was that they would collect audio material centered around the theme of "protest" from various artists and create a forum where this audio material could be shared freely. In the article, Thurston Moore stated how he was particularily interested in finding material of a more abstract nature for the site. At the time, i was just putting the finishing touches on an audio piece created around field recordings i had made at the Iraq war protest in Austin the previous February. I used recordings of the protest as a skeleton around which i layered effected bass and flute parts. Immediately, i fired off an email to the address listed in the New York Times article expressing my interest, including a link to my audio piece. Since the piece had not yet been titled, i just named the file "protest-1". I did not really expect that my piece would be accepted, but i thought i'd give it a shot. To my suprise, i very quickly recieved an email from Thurston Moore stating that my piece would be posted on the site shortly.

To listen to "Protest-1", follow the link above to protest-records.com and click on "mp3's". "Protest-1" is listed in Vol3 as protest records #27. While you are there be sure to check out all the other great artists!

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