Mission Statement

In the fall of 2006 i was enrolled in a "Digital Design Concepts" class as a part of my work in the Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver. In the course we were directed to choose nine words (3 nouns, 3, verbs, and 3 adjectives). We could choose those nine words using whatever criteria we deemed important as long as we understood that we would be using those nine words for the rest of the quarter. Once the decision was made, there was no turning back. I chose the nine words you see on the left.

We then began work on four projects that made use of our words in varied ways. The typography project explored the ways that words themselves are used in visual presentation to enforce the concepts they represent. Next, we photographed our words in order to understand the role images play in conveying a concept. After writing a short narrative with our words, we then used that narrative as a guide in creating a final visual sequence that displayed the words and the relationships between their meanings.

These pages exhibit the work i accomplished in this course, including supplemental work completed during the course. The web pages themselves are also a class project for a separate course, so in many ways the nine words project serves as a starting point for my continuing Digital Media studies.